Unique Approach

Since 1996, Killeen and Stern has provided both plaintiffs and defendants with creative legal solutions. Actively working with all kinds of clients gives the attorneys at Killeen and Stern flexibility and perspective unmatched by rival firms. Our emphasis on attorney-client relationships often leads us to employ methods that aren’t being used by many other firms--methods that streamline our approach.

We have developed highly effective and cost efficient litigation processes. We treat both our per-hour clients and contingent fee cases with the same diligence and respect. And after thirteen years, we’ve developed a keen insight on what’s important when it comes to winning court cases (and what’s not). We believe that a successful attorney-client relationship is built on trust and integrity.  We don’t do things like everybody else…and that’s exactly what sets us apart. 



Feature Highlights

Killeen & Stern featured as the Houston Top Lawyers in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Scott D. Martin v. Ruben S. Martin, III; Cause No. 2008-961-A; In the 188th Judicial District of Gregg County, Texas. Killeen & Stern represented Ruben Martin. Scott Martin sought $120 million from Ruben Martin. After a ten day jury trial Scott Martin received a verdict of $3.4 million and legal fees. The case was appealed and the Sixth Court of Appeals reversed the jury verdict and rendered a take-nothing judgment.

Attorney Highlights

Robert J. Killeen, Jr.   |   Director   |   Houston

Mr. Killeen has spoken at several seminars as well as conducted continuing legal education seminars for insurance companies. He is the author of “Fear and Loathing in the P&I World: A Simple Primer to a Complex Universe;” “Ethical Dilemmas Facing Insurance Adjusters: From an Attorney’s Point of View” “Texas Construction;” “Reservation of Rights”, and “Welding Rod Litigation and Manganese Exposure.”

Mr.Killeen primarily focuses his practice on litigation. He has had extensive experience in the maritime field, representing vessel owners and underwriters on vessel collisions, cargo losses, personal injury defense, charter disputes and insurance matters. In addition, Mr. Killeen also has significant experience in handling general liability, corporate matters, general subrogation, trucking, energy, products liability, property and casualty, construction, commercial, contractual litigation, security litigation and coverage disputes, toxic tort defense and nursing home litigation.

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