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About Our Approach

At Killeen & Stern, PC, we take a different approach to complex cases. Unlike other firms, who seem to thrive on prolonging the discovery process as long as possible, our attorneys take a “less is more” approach to discovery.

This is where the Killeen & Stern, PC, methodology comes into play. Instead of extensive (and expensive) formal discovery, we conduct all of our document discovery quickly; usually before opposing counsel even begins their preparations. And when it comes to deposing people whose testimony is vital to a case, we like to be first there as well. Then we move on to more effective methods of finding pertinent information, such as client and employee interviews, chronological document organization, and jury simulations.

The Facts

  • Instead of a drawn out discovery process, the attorneys at Killeen & Stern, PC, prefer to utilize their extensive legal experience in ways that are more effectual for our clients.
  • We are jury minded… and treat every single case as if it were headed straight for the courtroom.
  • Because we actively represent both plaintiffs and defendants, we are constantly training ourselves to think like opposing counsel. This gives us an advantage, not only in the courtroom, but when it comes to mediation and settlement hearings as well.
  • Unlike many other law firms (that work solely on a per hour basis), we handle litigation on a contingency fee basis, a reverse contingency fee basis and hybrid hourly and contingency fee basis. This means that we are willing to have a vested interest in making sure that you win your case.
  • At Killeen & Stern, PC, it’s all about quality over quantity. We will never send out (and charge you for) a big team of attorneys, when one or two will do. Over-working a case works against you as a client- and in turn, against us.
  • We know that effective doesn’t have to mean expensive. Whether per- hour or contingency, we treat every client and- every case- with diligence and respect.


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