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Build A Strong Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

Facing a sex offense charge is often different than any other type of criminal offense. These cases often end up in the media, which can have a devastating effect on everyone involved before the case comes close to a resolution.

At Killeen & Stern, PC, our experienced criminal defense trial lawyers know how to respond to these cases quickly and aggressively. They have a proven track record of successfully representing clients in these sensitive, complex matters, and they will fight to protect your freedom, rights, record and reputation.

Going On Offense

The sensational nature of many sex crime cases often leads people to rush to judgment on guilt or innocence. Even if criminal charges are never filed, allegations can seriously damage a person’s reputation. We pride ourselves on working quickly and discretely to mount an aggressive defense, often before prosecutors ever begin their work.

We provide felony and misdemeanor representation in both state and federal courts in Texas and Louisiana for offenses like:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Sex offenses involving minors
  • Sex trafficking
  • Internet-based offenses, such as possessing and distributing child pornography

Our attorneys have been through hundreds of trials, many of which involved serious potential sentences such as decades in prison, sex offender registration and financially ruinous penalties. Succeeding in these types of cases requires the ability to quickly gather and scrutinize evidence, interview witnesses and do the tough, but necessary, work of finding inconsistencies in victims’ accounts. Our work in this area is why attorney Robert C. Stern is widely respected across Texas and Louisiana, and he has lectured on how to effectively build a defense in sex offense cases.

Protect Your Rights And Contact Killeen & Stern, PC

As soon as you learn you are under investigation, the only person you should talk to about your case is your attorney; your attorney can protect your rights and build a strong defense. We invite you to contact Killeen & Stern, PC, either via email or by calling our offices in Houston (713-626-5100), Austin (512-533-9198) or New Orleans (504-525-8111) to schedule a consultation.

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