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White-Collar Crime Defense

Prosecutors like to make examples out of white-collar criminals. As such, a conviction could mean decades in prison and expensive financial penalties. You could also be subject to asset forfeiture, meaning the state confiscates everything it believes was paid for by illicit gains, leaving your loved ones with nothing. White-collar criminal allegations could also have serious professional ramifications.

Through hundreds of trials and more than 70 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys of Killeen & Stern, PC, have developed a reputation throughout Texas and Louisiana for knowing what it takes to successfully resolve cases like these. We approach these complex criminal cases with an expectation of winning, and the prosecution knows this. Partner Robert C. Stern has prior experience as a prosecutor, giving him keen insight into how the other side will approach your case. He will work with our other attorneys to aggressively build a defense that can put you in a strong position right out of the gate.

We represent clients in all types of white-collar criminal matters, including:

  • Securities fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Wire fraud

Defense In Federal Court

At Killeen & Stern, PC, we have the resources to protect your rights and interests when facing federal white-collar crime charges. Many times, federal cases will involve multiple counts, each of which carries harsh sentences. We know how to counter these strategies, and we take an aggressive approach in case preparation. As trial attorneys, we also prepare for every case as if it will go before a judge and jury. This allows us to better anticipate and react to new developments.

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There is no substitute for effective legal representation when everything is on the line. Our attorneys have the right experience and skills to protect your rights and present and future interests. To learn more, contact us online or call our offices in Houston (713-626-5100), Austin (512-533-9198) or New Orleans (504-525-8111) to schedule a consultation.

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